About euro net

euro net is a European addiction prevention network, established in 1996. At euro net, experts from theory and practice from various disciplines of addiction prevention are committed to the qualitative development of addiction prevention as a central component of general health at European level.

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Exchanging ideas and experience

Through professional exchange and sharing experiences, we learn from each other in an open and accepting manner. In regular working meetings and network conferences we exchange information and materials.

Developing concepts and implementing them at the regional level

Europe means diversity. Together we develop innovative and science-oriented concepts and methods, which we test together and adapt flexibly to our local levels as required.

Research and practice

euro net advocates a better understanding of addiction problems throughout Europe. Our mission is to raise awareness and tackle important aspects of addiction prevention together. By combining research and practical work, we strive to deepen our knowledge and analyse current trends in order to jointly contribute to improving people's lives.


The members of euro net comprise of organisations and institutions from seventeen countries within the European Union.