The internet and smart phone apps have a big influence on the daily life of young people and can also provide an easy access to them. In this context Click for Support develops guidelines for web-based interventions on illicit drugs for young consumers.

TAKE CARE's special idea is the multilevel approach: In addition to adolescents only, the project also focuses on parents, key persons and employees in retail. FreD goes net is an early intervention approach. Young people, picked up by the police as consumers of illegal drugs for the first time, have to participate in a FreD-course, that aims to encourage them to reflect on and possibly change their consumption behaviour..

About euro net

euro net is a European addiction prevention network which, by working on specific projects, aims to develop European cooperation in addiction prevention. Within the framework of the network, knowledge and experience are exchanged between locally, nationally and regionally active institutions and organisations within the European context.

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Exchanging ideas and experience

Intensive expert cooperation across borders - euro net organizes regular working meetings and the exchange of information and materials.

Developing concepts and implementing them at the regional level

Europe means diversity. The euro net projects are based on a jointly developed curriculum. Their concrete implementation, however, is tailored to regional circumstances, cultural and social differences.

Evaluating projects

euro net projects are scientifically monitored and assessed. The outcomes of the evaluation provide the basis for their adaption to the needs of individual member states.


The members of euro net comprise of organisations and institutions from seventeen countries within the European Union.

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