Carlo Baeten 

Centra voor Alcohol- en andere Drugproblemen

Carlo Baeten

Salvatorstraat 25
B-3500 Hasselt
  +32011 274 298

Profile of the Organisation

Cad Limburg vzw, is an NGO, financed by the National Government (department of Health Care/Revalidation), by the Flamish Government and by the communities (42) of the Province Limburg.
The staff consists of 75 colaborators (medical, social, psychological education). 14 are active in the field off prevention.
Main tasks are ; outreach social work, prevention and outpatient care in connection with addition problems.
The focus is on addictive drugs such as alcohol, medicines and illegal drugs as well as on gambling, internet and gaming addiction.
We also invest in the development of a network in the Limburg region in cooperation with local facilities and self-help groups.

Responsibility for what region?

The Province Limburg in the Nort-East part oft he country, near to the border wit Germany and The Netherlands.
The region has app. 900.000 inhabitants.

Main items of content, guidelines in the context of prevention.

We develop and implement evidence-based prevention strategies in nearly all sectors of life (schools, factories, youthwork, prisons, sportsclubs,….).

Experiences in the field of prevention on European level

CAD Limburg has participated in all the previous euro net projects, in particular in euro peers, euro youth , euro parents, Fred Goes Net, Take Care and Click for Support..
Within the euro net network, the representative from the Belgium institution have held both the presidency and the vice-presidency.