Pantelitsa Nikolaou


Pantelitsa Nikolaou

6 Archbishop Kyprianos
CY-2312 Nicosia, Cyprus


Profil of the Organisation

The Center for Education about Drugs and Treatment of Drug Addicted Persons (KENTHEA) is an NGO established in the Republic of Cyprus in 1994 as a non for Profit Company with registration number HE 91071. KENTHEA works on prevention and treatment of addiction, as well as research and education. KENTHEA is a federation of organizations. Currently, the members of KENTHEA are sixty other organizations. The Board of Directors is appointed by the General Assembly for three years. KENTHEA’s president of the Board of Directors is His Eminence the Metropolitan of Tamasos and Oreinis Mr. Isaiah. The Scientific Director of the institution is Dr. Kyriacos Veresies MD-PHD Neurologist-Psychiatrist. Additionally, the institution has a Senior Coordinator who performs the duties of general management, Ms. Elena Zarouna MA Counseling Psychologist.
KENTHEA supports strongly the importance of prevention both universal and selective. It is easier, safer and cheaper to prevent the problem instead of treating it. Our institution is dedicated in the consequent monitoring of the phenomenon and the development of the appropriate prevention and programs. Furthermore, through the years KENTHEA has trained and prepared the majority of personnel working in the field of addiction in Cyprus. KENTHEA consists a trademark for each resident of Cyprus when it comes to addictions.

Responsibility for what region?

KENTHEA is a Pancyprian organization, active in all regions of the controlled by the Republic areas of Cyprus. Our main office is located in Nicosia, but we have connected stations in Nisou (Ithaca), Tseri (Ithaca), Avgorou (Achilleas), Pyla (Mesogeios), Limassol (Odysseas) and Paphos (Tolmi).

Main items of content, guidelines in the context of prevention.

KENTHEA is offering universal prevention programs within the elementary schools and the gymnasiums. Additionally, we run selective prevention programs in the National Guard and the Jail System. Other activities of our institution include information days, lectures, offering trainings to other professionals, running parent groups, participating in European projects, publishing materials such as informative leaflets, and stories for children, magazines and newspapers for parents.

Experiences in the field of prevention on European level

KENTHEA has participated as a partner in several European projects in the past. Examples include Click for Support, Take Care, TRAVELS and other projects. Additionally, KENTHEA participates in the civil society forum of the European Union and is responsible to contact ESPAD in Cyprus, since 1995.

Experiences in management and communication on European level: 

KENTHEA participates in discussions taking place on European level relevant to prevention and treatment of addictions. KENTHEA’s scientific advisor Dr Philip Lazarov is representing the institution annually at several meetings coordinated by the EU. KENTHEA’s scientific director, Dr Kyriacos Veresies has served for several years in the board of EMCDDA.