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Peter Koler

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Profil of the Organisation

Since September 13th 2013, Forum Prevention is a legally recognized foundation with ONLUS-status and 35 members (Work as a association started in 2001). The aim of the foundation consists in mediating prevention, health promotion, research and continuing education in social and health policy-related sectors (such as mental and physical health, addiction, violence, integration / cross-cultural issues and eating disorders). Another focus lies within the advancement of family requests and activity-range, addressing children and teenagers as well as adults and seniors.
The purpose of the foundation is to enable a politically independent, professional, science-based, up to date and true to life realization of activities in the areas of prevention, health promotion, cohabitation, counseling, therapy, research and further education in health care and similar spheres of competence and besides permitting sustained yield on a long-term basis.
The Foundation is funded by public contributions, projects and own revenues.
Since 2014 there are operating eight professional employees representing the fields of psychology, educational theory, sociology, social educational theory, sciences of sport and an employee for the secretariat with a total of 709.50 percent by position.
A full-time employee is available for the area of preventing violence, which is covered by own financing of the department of welfare.
Furthermore, additional qualified staff with project contract, working on fee or voucher base, as freelance or assigned associates from other facilities is working on a variety of different projects.

Responsibility for what region?

Autonomous province Bolzano - South Tyrol.

Main items of content, guidelines in the context of prevention

The „Forum Prävention“ offers prevention projects, as well as advanced training events and informative events for interested people and institutions. The employees of the specialist department provide knowledge including the areas of addiction, violence and education. For parents there are offered lectures and seminars. Regarding questions all around the subjects of alcohol consumption and drug-taking, gambling, internet use, as well as education problems, the specialist department offers a first consultation and refers to responsible departments. Interested people are provided with briefing materials, booklets and a specialised library. For Guidelines see notebook from 2012.

Experiences in the field of prevention on European level

Cooperation partnerships on different projects financed by the EU (euro parents, euro peers, generation parents workshops, TAKE CARE). Member of the Austrian ARGE institution, participation in the „Forum Suchtprävention“ attendance in the role of advisers at congresses.

Experiences in management and communication on European level:
Participation in expert group meetings (e.g., EMCDDA) and as advisers at congresses.