CNAPA- Centre National de Prévention des Addiction


8-10, rue de la Fonderie
L-1531 Luxembourg

  +352 49 77771

Profil of the Organisation

Legal form: foundation (établissement d'utilité publique - non profit organization)
The number of persons employed at 1st January 2016: 8 ETP convention with and financed by the Ministry of Health (additional contracts of employment are covered partly through projects ).
Current employee qualifications: communication scientist; psychologist; pedagogues; business administration (administrative, accounting and secretarial services, helpline FroNo and library incl. marketing communication and PR).

Responsibility for what region?

Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Main items of content, guidelines in the context of prevention

The CNAPA was established as CePT in 1994 as a foundation by the Luxembourg government and began its activities in 1995. Since 2020 the name changed to CNAPA. It is tasked with promoting health through prevention activities.
The CNAPA is pursuing the following aims:

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Avoiding drug dependency and reducing misuse
  • Giving equal consideration to illegal and legal drugs
  • Actions of awareness and education about addiction and drugs.

The CNAPA is mainly involved in four areas:

  • Information and sensitization about substances/addiction and requests answering on psychoactive substances, addiction and assistance organisations via telephone- and mail-hotline (Fro No).
  • Conception, planning, organisation and implementation of:
    • measures for teaching and training multipliers (Trampolin).
    • national, inter-regional, international projects in the field of addiction prevention (Manège)
    • research projects and scientific studies (m.e.s.h.)

The main focus of our activities is the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle, the prevention of substance misuse, and preventing and redressing phenomena of drug addiction. With all our activities, we place the human being in its social, economic and sociable environment in the center of our endeavors. Through our efforts we try to support people to find their own resources and become a subject of their own lives.

Experiences in the field of prevention on European level

„Suchtpräventioun an der Gemeng“ (Addiction Prevention in Communities 1996-1997); „MoQuaVo“ (2002-2004); „Pro Skills1“ (2006-2008) & „Pro Skills2: The Train-the-Trainer“ (2010-2013); Democracy, Cities & Drugs (DC&DII) (2008-2011); „Club Health“ (2009-2012); „MAG-Net“ (2009-2012) & „MAG-Net2“ (2013-2014); „Click for Support“ (2014-2015) ”.

Experiences in management and communication on European level

The CNAPA has experience as project leader (chef de file), as co-partner and co-responsible in diverse EU-projects.