Tactus - Instelling voor Verslavingszorg

Sonja Basemans 

Keulenstraat 3
7418 ET Deventer

  +31 630389879
  +31 88 3822887

Profil of the Organisation

Tactus is specialized in the care and treatment of addicts. We offer help to people who are having problems as a result of their addiction to things like alcohol, drugs, medication, gambling, gaming, sex or eating.
We help by identifying addiction problems as well as preventing and breaking patterns of addiction.
We also provide information and advice to parents, teachers and other groups on how to deal with addiction problems.

Responsibility for what region?

Middel and eastern part of the Netherlands.

Main items of content, guidelines in the context of prevention

In our approach, we focus on protective factors, to prevent the onset of substance abuse and societal problems. We contribute to the early detection of vulnerable groups in different settings (low social economic status, youth, elderly, mentally challenged) where we try to connect to their frame of mind, their ‘world’.
Tactus cooperates with several mental health and social care organisations, whereby mutual exchange of access to client groups and vulnerable groups and joint development of prevention activities is ensured.

Experiences in the field of prevention on European level

Involvement in several European prevention projects since the founding of Euronet. Involvement in BINAD projects.

Experiences in management and communication on European level

Involvement in Euronet, including a period as chairman, since the founding of Euronet.