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IREFREA Portugal

Fernando Mendes

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Profil of the Organisation

IREFREA is an NGO established in Portugal since 1997 doing research in projects related to family and recreational contexts, involving European partners funded by the European Commission. Irefrea Portugal has been developing professional partnerships with national and European experts in the field of peer education, drug prevention and drug demand reduction. IREFREA Portugal integrates and cooperates with several national and international networks and organizations on prevention, health promotion: IREFREA network, POMPIDOU Group, PEER, EURONET, UNDOC, ICPHR (International Collaboration on Participatory Health Research), EU-Society of Prevention and Research. Their main field of activity is: research, primary applied prevention, theoretical and scientific study of risk factors and evaluation.

Responsibility for what region?

We are a national NGO which develops projects and research at european and international level.

Main items of content, guidelines in the context of prevention

IREFREA Portugal, coordinates the organization of national and international scientific meetings to facilitate the meeting, information sharing, discussion and consensus among institutions that are pursuing Peer Education and other Youth Health Promotion Strategies, to develop a national and international network of partners in Peer Education, especially from Portugal, Cape Verde, Brazil and other Portuguese spoken countries, in view of strengthen capacity building of health research multidisciplinary teams and ensuring quality evidence according standards for PHR in the field of youth and health. IREFREA has been working in family prevention at European level for many years, with a large number of scientific publications (see www.irefrea.org ) and has previous experience in implementing and evaluating family preventive actions.

Experiences in the field of prevention on European level

Participation in a research project of IREFREA, financed by DG Sanco between 2005/2008, involving 8 European countries under recreational cultures. Participation in the European Project “Democracies, Cities and Drugs II” (Agreement number: 2007306) between 2009 and 2011, responsible for the Evaluation of the whole project. Participation in the “Travel” European Project from Program DAPHNE – 2009/2010. A study on juvenile habits and lifestyles in the vacations. Participation in the “Club Health” Project, with the responsibility for the WP training staff of nightlife, which will occur during 2009 and 2011. Participation in the Take Care European project (German Coordination of LWL), on the alcohol consumption of young people (2010-2013).

Experiences in management and communication on European level

IREFREA Portugall as large experience on leading intervention and research projects, and also on organizing and developing several scientific activities and trainings.