Localize It! European Expert Meeting in Muenster, Germany

On 13-14th March 2018, more than 60 European prevention experts from 18 countries have met in Muenster, Germany, to exchange and discuss good practices for alcohol prevention for young people. Among the participants were also representatives of municipalities involved in the Localize It! project, coordinators of other EU-funded projects as well as representatives of DG Sante, Chafea and the German Ministry of Health.

Apart from intermediate results of the Localize It! project, prevention approaches for the school setting, nightlife scenes, festivals, retail and gastronomy, for youth work and for traffic safety have been presented. A representative from the EMCDDA gave an overview of structural prevention measures across EU member states and two other EU-funded projects have been introduced, the projects “FYFA – Focus on Youth, Football & Alcohol” and “STAD in Europe”. A market of opportunities for good practices rounded up the meeting.

The exchange of good practices between European professionals and learning from each other has been the main benefit of the expert meeting. Problems related to addiction are similar across many European countries – therefore, it makes sense to jointly develop new concepts and transfer effective concepts to other countries.

Following the expert meeting, a project work meeting took place. Here, project partners worked together to set up portfolios of good practices which could be transferred to the 22 municipalities involved in the project.