Nightlife Workshop in Coimbra, Portugal

The Localize It-project focuses on different approaches for alcohol prevention for young people in the 22 participating municipalities. One of them is nightlife, festivals, retail and gastronomy.

From June 4th to 6th, a workshop for this particular setting has been organized by the Portuguese partners Irefrea in Coimbra, Portugal, with participants from Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal and Slovakia.

In the municipalities that will focus on this area of action, the local round tables will set up individual action plans and decide on the concrete measures to implement on site based on the developed portfolio. The main objective is to develop a custom-fit local alcohol strategy with good practice measures that fit the local circumstances in the best possible way.

Upcoming in September and October 2018, similar workshops for parental work, schools and traffic safety will take place Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria.