Localize It!

Reducing underage & heavy drinking in local communities!

For reducing underage and heavy episodic drinking, action needs to be taken by authorities closest to the citizens and where alcohol consumption actually takes place – on the local level. A coordinated local alcohol strategy has proven to be the most promising approach. Municipalities have the public responsibility and power for implementing such a strategy and are the appropriate authority for this task. With “Localize It!” municipalities will be supported in developing and implementing custom-fit local alcohol strategies.

“Localize It!” aims at strengthening municipalities in their capacity to reduce underage and heavy episodic drinking. Coordinated and custom-fit local alcohol strategies will be developed, implemented and evaluated for two municipalities each in AT, BE, CY, CZ, DE, EL, IT, NL, LU, PT and SK. Seven different settings for alcohol prevention will be addressed including parental work (1), Schools (2), children in families with alcohol Problems (3), alcohol in public space (4), party scenes, festivals, gastronomy & retail (5), refugees (6) and traffic safety (7). For each setting good practices will be researched, assessed and exchanged in a European conference. Those good practices will serve as a pool of measures for individual local action plans.

By means of a Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) an overview of the individual local situations will be provided and awareness of the problem will be raised among relevant local actors/stakeholders. Round tables will be established in the municipalities which will function as a steering group of the strategy. The round tables will develop individual action plans for at least one specific setting, including at least four different measures. The development of local and European networks as well as the specific measures will be evaluated by means of a process and outcome evaluation.

A manual addressing European prevention experts and addiction facilities will be developed to raise their awareness of the problem of underage and heavy episodic drinking, summarizes the options for actions and possibilities for the development of a local alcohol strategy. The manual will provide information on the local alcohol strategy concept, approaches for initiating the process of local alcohol strategy, different settings which can be included in the strategy, experiences of European experts with local alcohol strategies and good practice examples.