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The Guide: Building Bridges of Support

A collaborative Path of Different Help Systems to Empower Families with Addiction Issues

Title of the guide "Building Bridges of Support"This guide is designed for professionals working with families with addiction issues from various help systems, e.g. addiction care, social services or youth welfare who consider a cooperation with another organization concerning these families. The guide is intended to provide a comprehensive and practical resource that supports multiple help systems in a collaborative process to create a binding and tailored cooperation agreement.

[PDF, 1.3 MB]

Qualifying professionals: Training concept

Training concept for professionals from different help systems about relevant issues connected to working with families with addiction issues.

The concept can be used by trainers to prepare a seminar for professinals across help systems working with families with addiction issues OR for knowledge transfer within the same organisation or within networks or between cooperation partners.


Accompanying material

For each module, the project group has prepared material including an explanatory video which can be all downloaded on this page.

Module 1: Addiction in the family

Material for Module 1: zip file [8 MB].

Module 2: What is addiction?

Material for Module 2: zip file [4 MB].

Module 3: Working with parents with addiction issues

Material for Module 2: zip file [1,5 MB].

One item which has been created is an explanatory video about the Child Reflex, a tool which has been applied by Belgian professionals working with parents with addiction issues. In this video, the step-by-step plan is explained in English.

You can find more information on the orginal version (the Kindreflex) here: 

Module 4: Psycho-education: How to explain the addiction to the children?

Material for Module 4: zip file [5 MB]

Module 5: Cooperation

Material for Module 5: zip file [6 MB]

Module 6: Country-specific information

Material for Module 6: PDF [0,5 MB].




What is the Child Reflex? Please find the video here! The Child Reflex explained in English:

Project flyer in 9 languages

Co-funded by the European Union‘s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

Duration: May 2021 – October 2023