20 years “prevention peers” in Upper Austria

At the end of last year the school “HBLW Linz” had reasons for celebration:

The school was honored by the Austrian euro net member Institut Suchtprävention for its special engagement in the field of peer education. Since the beginning of the school’s peer project in 1997, they have trained on average 6 pupils each year. The training has been implemented in cooperation with the Institut Suchtprävention. Its main focus is addiction prevention.

The peer project has been initiated by Ms. Dipl. Päd. Ilse Surenjan. As a result of her engagement, the peer project is still active at the HBLW Linz. Last month, Ms. Surenjan celebrated her retirement and was surprised with special guests: former peers and the director of Institut Suchtprävention Christoph Lagemann expressed their gratitude. They appreciated her exemplary commitment as the coordinator of the peer project for more than two decades.

Background: Within the peer project, selected pupils of 9th and 10th grade are getting trained in the field of addiction prevention. After this training, they are sharing their experiences and their know-how with their classmates – not as “young teachers” but through their attitude and behaviour in class, at events and simply when spending time together.

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