Linz and Bad Ischl in Austria start “Localize It!”

Institut Suchtprävention, pro mente Oberösterreich is one of 11 project partners in our EU-project Localize It! In January, they have published a press release about their two Localize It-locations:
A good glass of wine for dinner, a cool beer while talking to the neighbor, a glass of prosecco at a celebration: Alcohol is part of our culture and for most people in Austria alcohol is an opportunity of enjoyment. However, some of them develop a high risk or problematic alcohol consumption which can have far-reaching consequences, for the alcohol-consuming person but also for its social surrounding and the society.
Health hazards are one consequence for the person him or herself, but the municipalities have to pick up the tab for side effects like broken bottles and glasses on playgrounds, demolished bus shelters, noise pollution and brawls, traffic accidents and police operations – just to name some of them.
For municipalities it is a challenge to find the right balance between enjoyment and reducing side effects to a minimum. Many actors already work on this issue. However, there is one thing missing and that is a common strategy: A cooperation of all relevant actors, to identify the problems and to find common solutions.
That is what Localize It! aims for: To join all forces and to take action against alcohol related harms.
In Austria, the municipalities Linz and Bad Ischl are participating in Localize It!
Currently, a Rapid Assessment and Response is carried out in all participating municipalities to get an overview about the local situation. After that a “round table” will be installed. A needs assessment is the next step before a tailor-made action plan will be developed. This action plan is based on good practices that have been researched at the beginning of Localize It.
The development of local and European networks as well as the process and result evaluation is done by the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).

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fr: Health advisor and vice mayor of Linz, Detlef Wimmer, city councillor of Bad Ischl, Brigitte Platzer, Christoph Lagemann from Institut Suchtprävention and Dr. Dietmar Nemeth, director of health and sport of the municipality Linz
Photo: Municipality of Linz

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