New member – Ladislav Czémy joins euro net

At the last network conference in Luxembourg in May 2017, the members of euro net elected unanimous a new network member: Ladislav Czémy.

Ph Dr. Ladislav Czémy is head of the research programme. His main task is in the field of epidemiological and clinical research in addictions and social psychiatry.

Since 1985 he works for the National Institute of Mental Health Czech Republic.

National Institute of Mental Health originated from Prague Psychiatric Centre on 1st January 2015 and is located in Klecany. NIMH is meant to become national reference institution for the field of mental health.
NIMH programme is focused on researching neurobiological mechanisms that lead to development of severe mental disorders (schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and stress reactions). Research also includes development and testing of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. In the field of biological nature of addictions NIMH researchs neuronal mechanisms of dependence formation and of new therapeutic possibilities, as well as biological and pharmacological characteristics of existing and especially new synthetic drugs emerging at world market. Output is applied in primary prevention and risk reduction. The main objective is to develop substances and other therapeutic means capable of treating dependencies and prevent them from progressing.

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