Returning member in euro net: GENCAT

After some years, euro net has got a member in Spain again.
The Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia (GENCAT) is the main governmental institution of health in the Catalan region. Joan Colom and Maria Estrada will represent GENCAT inside the network. For structural reasons they had to leave euro net in 2008. In December 2016 Maria Estrada was able to participate at the European Workshop for Addiction Prevention in Asbeck, after that GENCAT declared the assession to euro net. Welcome to euro net!!

GENCAT is reponsible for Catalonia. The Program on Substance Use Problems is part of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCAT) and was established in 1989, with the aim of promoting health and preventing ill health in relation to substance use problems and addiction. Since 2005, the Program has been co-director of the Master Plan on Mental Health and Addictions and has been responsible for regional level alcohol and drug use prevention, harm reduction and mental health promotion in Catalonia. The goals of the Program on Substance Abuse are to support the development of policies at regional level, including the Catalan Health Plan, the Master Plan on Mental Health and Addictions, and the National Strategy on Drug Prevention. The Program also aims to provide accurate and relevant information to the Catalan Government, municipalities and the public in general; to promote, design, manage, implement and evaluate prevention and promotion programs in addictions and mental health; to undertake relevant research on prevention; and to guarantee the coordinated implementation and monitoring of national policies concerning addiction and mental health in Spain.

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