a Web application for athletes and sports clubs

The Belgian Euronet partner CAD Limburg launched a web application for athletes and sports clubs. The application was developed in collaboration with sports clubs and Rotary Belgium.

On athletes and sports clubs find information and preventive materials concerning alcohol, drugs and gambling. The different modules of the web application were developed according to feedback that was given by sports clubs an athletes through a survey and focus groups.

For each product, like alcohol or tobacco, you’ll find a infographic with the effects on physical achievements. You’ll will also find an alcoholmeter on that calculates your promillage and your ability to drive. And being an athlete, you’ll also get information about the consummated calories and what that means in running-time.

Our survey pointed out that road safety is an important issue for sports clubs. That is why we developed a module addressing that topic. Athletes, fans and football parents can test their knowledge and attitude towards road safety. People can also draw up a safety-plan for their night out.

A lot of clubs gave their support to support to You’ll find some eye-catchers and clips hosting the Belgian U19, National handball player Jeroen De Beule and Belgian beach volley player Katrien Gielen.

New clips and info will frequently be added to the website. These materials can be used by sports clubs on their own social media, websites, player dressing rooms, canteens, etc.






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