“Strengthening families”: a new offer from our Austrian member Institut Suchtprävention

From this spring on, the Institut Suchtprävention offers the program “strengthening families”, for families, going through a challenging stage – puberty. It is a time with several changes. What worked in cohabitation yesterday, might not work today. Conflicts in the family increase and often the whole family comes in situations, where it is difficult to talk.
“Strengthen families” is a program that supports families in these situations. The family spends time together in a pleasant environment. “Strengthening families” will be conducted by prevention experts, it includes films, games, practical exercises and discussions. Parents learn what it means for their children to come of age, what they feel, what they think and how they act. As well they learn how to find common solutions for familiar problems and –at the same time- express love and appreciation. One of the main topics is how to counteract smoking, alcohol- and drugs consumption.
The adolescents learn how to cope with stress and problems, how to show and share their feelings and needs, how to resolve conflicts, how to build up and care for friendships.
“Strengthening families” is addressed to families with at least one child between 10 and 14 years. Invited to the program are the children at this age and the person, responsible for their education.
“Strengthening families” is evaluated on international level. It consists of 11 meetings, each for 3 hours, and ends with a joint dinner.
“Strengthening families” was developed at the Iowa State University, USA. The “Deutsches Zentrum für Suchtfragen des Kinder- und Jugendalters”, Hamburg translated, adapted and evaluated the program for the German-speaking area.
More information: https://www.praevention.at/familie/familien-staerken.html

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