The Austrian euro net member “Instistut Suchtprävention, pro mente OÖ” celebrates 25th anniversary

The Deputy Governor of the Province of Upper Austria, Christine Haberlander, and the Managing Director of pro mente, Gernot Koren, congratulate the “Institut Suchtprävention” on the successful model.
“Addiction prevention is a very complex field. In addition to the special characteristics of substances, individual and structural causes must be taken into account in the development of addiction. You don’t learn all this in one week. We are fortunate that the majority of our colleagues have been with us for more than a decade, some for 25 years. This has enabled us to achieve a high level of professional reputation in the relevant settings as well as among national and international experts. Whoever orders a service from us gets high quality,” explains Christoph Lagemann, head of the Institute for Addiction Prevention at pro mente OÖ.
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